THE SANDY SAUNDERS BAND knows the importance of good sound management and volume control.
We also know that not every venue has it's own sound and stage system in place. 
That's why we have our own sound technition and first rate sound and stage gear. Our standard sound
management set up includes two free standing 15" x 2 Harbinger concert style PA speakers, JBL 15"
powered stage monitors, and two Peavey side fill column monitors. These speakers are controlled
through a 16 channel Allen & Heath mixing desk. Every show we play is sound managed by our own 
engineer for a perfect mix and volume for each individual venue.

SSB also offers our own stage lighting that consists of a variety of configurations customized for each
venue by our own light tech. Lights are managed through Chauvet 8 channel light controllers. We realize,
as with the sound equipment, the importance of a good stage presentation without over doing it.

If your venue does not have power (such as a remote outdoor event) we can supply gas powered generators
for an additional fee.



During our performances SANDY SAUNDERS BAND considers itself partners with the venues we play. Keeping this in mind we have develpoed a new system to keep the volume of our performance low WITHOUT SACRAFICING THE ENERGY. Many hours of research and trial/error has brought us to success! Using state-of-the-art equipment such as an electronic drum set and eliminating amplifiers, we can fully control the volume of all the instruments from the mixing desk. One casino manager said " I wish all bands would have a set up like this" , another said " This is what it takes to keep the casino floor happy, thank you so much, you sound great!" (This system is only used where indoor volume is an issue)