Meet Sandy Saunders

       As a child of the south, Sandy Saunders grew up listening to country and southern rock music. As a music lover she had opportunities to meet then-upcoming artists such as Vince Gill, Patty Loveless, Garth Brooks and others. When Sandy packed up to move to the Northwest with such memories in hand and her guitar on her back, she had no idea that she would be one to adapt such country styles to a rock-&-roll and blues format. In 2007Sandy, with the help of  Bob Love, Chris Miller, Greg Jackson, Stevie Marie and Kevin Eddinger  recorded  an  EP, " A TASTE OF SANDY SAUNDERS."  Although "A Taste" was just a sample of Sandy's music in true country form, it introduced many folks to her great original music like "Shoot Myself", "Honey-dew" and "White Sand & Margaritas". Sandy has now developed a style all her own that excites audiences throughout the west coast and beyond. In 2012 Sandy and her band released a single, "Rattlesnake Road."  Within days it was aired on great raidio stations coast to coast and was recieving rave reviews.Rattlesnake Road is a pre-release from a full length, all original C.D. set to be released on May 5, 2014. Sandy states, “Don’t get me wrong, I love country music,but this is not traditional country music. This is real "country-rock” Culture Mob online quoted that Sandy “has brought the grit and soul of her Augusta, Georgia birthplace to the Pacific Northwest.” With a unique style all her own, Sandy can blend an old Linda Ronstadt cover with a hard rock and blues Jimi Hendrix tune, adding a handful of original songs in between, and pull off a near-perfect set. Sandy also is active with "The Northwest Womens Rythm & Blues"
and can be found on any given night sharing the mic with such Northwest greats as Sonny Hess, Jim Mesi, Norman Sylvester, and many other "A" list musicians this region has to offer. Sandy Saunders has been involved with music all her life, now you can find her exciting audiences at some of the largest festivals (Portland Rose Festival, Bite of Oregon, Oregon State Fair, etc.) as well as the finest music venues ( Little Creek Casino, Three Rivers Casino, Quinault Beach Casino, etc.) in the Northwest. Or just listen to your local radio station, you'll soon hear Sandy and her band.

This is Billy Lindsay

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Alongside Saunders is Billy Lindsay on lead guitar. This Scottish native gives the band its raw but sweet guitar solos that always leave the audience in awe. Positively Entertainment  stated it best in the April 2010 issue: “There seems to be a near-perfect balance of power vocals from Saunders and ultra tasty guitar licks from Lindsay in every song they play.” Positively Entertainment magazine went on to say “We don’t know if it’s the southern influence, or the UK heritage, but there is definitely something in this combination that makes this band stand out from the crowd.”


Jeff (Woody) Woodcock

When you are on the search for the Northwest's best bassist, one name always comes up, Jeff Woodcock. Known throughout the region as the premier bassman, Jeff does not only delever the perfect bottom end, but his harmonies and lead vocals are second to none. Besides, how many bands can say they have one of the origional California Raisins in thier group?

Scott Cwalinski

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Scott Cwalinski is regarded by many as one of the country’s finest drummers. After spending much of his career working the stages of the Las Vegas strip along side greats such as Joe Walsh, Pat Benetar, and countless other headliners, this accomplished musician has traded the glitz and hustle of the sin city for the beauty and solitude of the Northwest. Scott is the backbone of our group and we are proud to have him along for our ride.

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